Zetalube 238 FG Machinery Oil

ZetaLube 238 is formulated with food grade, highly-refined, technical white oil and a special package of USDA-approved additives to effectively optimize the service life of lubricating oil and ultimately to prolong the re-lubrication interval. NSF H1-listed, ZetaLube 238 is a versatile “pure & clean” machinery oil for lubrication and protection of packaging and processing equipment in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.


  • Is formulated with non-toxic & non-staining, technical white oil to offer “safe & clean” lubricating solution.
  • Contains highly-effective anti-wear & anti-foam agents and oxidation & corrosion inhibitors to protect machineries from adverse operating conditions.
  • Designs to offer versatile applications in a wide range of equipment to reduce inventory requirement and to minimize the potential risk of product misapplication.
  • Prolongs re-lubrication interval and lowers the risk of premature equipment failure, ultimately reducing the maintenance and downtime costs


  • For use in processing and packaging machineries in abattoirs, bakeries, bottling plants, canneries, cosmetics factories, food processing plants, pharmaceutical manufactories, research laboratories and many other industries that demand the use of clean and non-staining oils.
  • In addition, ZetaLube 238 can be used in compressors, vacuum pumps, hydraulic systems, and conveyors where incidental food contact is encountered