Omega 33 Extreme Heat Resistant Grease

Omega 33 Extreme Heat Resistant Grease is a special diester synthetics ensure unmatched resistance to heat. It’s has fiber texture enhancers provide outstanding stability and it’s Superior formulation gives exception resistance to water and wash-out.

Omega 33 Extreme Heat Resistant Grease is the “essential lubricant” for equipment operating at high-temperature and speed for extended periods.

  • Omega 33 is a special diester synthetic compound with an exceptionally high flashpoint for unmatched resistance to heat.
  • Omega 33 consists of fine fiber texture enhancers to ensure the lubricant remains static during severe temperature operation – regardless of heat fluctuations.
  • Omega 33 is quality formulated to provide exceptional resistance to water and wash-out to stay on the job longer.

Outstanding Properties

Omega 33 is the extreme heat resistant grease that:

  • Provides high-performance efficiency up to 315°C and beyond for short periods of exposure.
  • Has a high Viscosity Index (VI) synthetic base oil.
  • Offers high shear strength and exceptional “stay put” ability.
  • Contains an indestructible “Thermo Nutrient” carrier.
  • Has an in-built affinity for metal parts such as copper, steel, iron, etc.

Use for:-

Omega 33 is primarily a high temperature resistant lubricant engineered for high-temperature exposure conditions.

Use Omega 33 in:

  • Kilns and Surface Baking Operations
  • Food Processing
  • Steam Pumps
  • Babbitt Bearings
  • Tooling Equipment
  • Foundry Machines and Equipment
  • Autoclaves
  • Chemical Processing’
  • Laboratory Work
  • Surgical Sterilization Equipment
  • and more…