Zetalube 235 Synthetic HTLR Chain Oil

Formulated with synthetic oil and a proprietary additive package, ZetaLube 235 is the professional chain oil formulated for lubricating chain systems operating at elevated temperatures and high speeds. With extremely low level of residue (proven by extensive thermal & oxidative stability tests measuring residue level up to 800°C) upon evaporating at elevated temperatures, ZetaLube 235 is particularly suitable for lubricating chain systems of machinery/equipment demanding a high level of cleanliness


  • Almost residue-free to lower the workloads and downtime incurred during the cumbersome cleaning process and reduce the possibility of wear, thereby extending chain life
  • Low coefficient of friction for effi cient sliding chain motion at high speeds
  • Low evaporation loss to provide efficient lubricity and minimum oil consumption-rate
  • Special viscosity grade to provide good load-carrying capability
  • Good adhesiveness and capillary capability to adhere and penetrate to applied areas
  • Outstanding thermal & oxidation stability to minimize the risk of carbon formation at elevated temperatures
  • Compatible with most plastics and paint


  • For clean lubrication of chain systems operating at elevated temperatures (up to 250°C) & high speeds (>300m/min).
  • For chain and clip units of conveyors, chain drives, stenters, dryers, etc. in automotive production, packaging, painting & coating shops, steel & iron, and textile industries.
  • The areas to be lubricated should be thoroughly cleaned before applying ZetaLube 235