Zetalube 228 Extreme Pressure Gear Oil

Specially designed for the heavy duty industrial gear systems. ZL 228 is composed of high viscosity mineral oil and extreme pressure additives that provide extra film strength and protection to gears exposed to high load/pressure and elevated temperatures. Available in four ISO VG grades, it provides a wide range of applications on various industrial gear sets depending on the viscosity grade required by the maintenance professionals.


  • Provides excellent film strength to resist friction and wear – protects gear sets from mal-functioning or misalignment due to metal-to-metal frictional wears and reduces numbers of unexpected downtime.
  • Excellent oxidation stability and corrosion protection to prevent gear systems from unscheduled breakdown due to excessive carbon deposits and corrosive wears.
  • Carefully balanced and calculated proportion of foam suppressant to prevent gear action from aerating.
  • Up to four different viscosity grades available for applications on a wide variety of gear sets.


  • For lubrication of all types of industrial gears such as spur gears, helical gears, straight & spiral bevel gears, etc.
  • For gear systems demanding the following requirements:
    US steel
    AGMA 250.04
    DIN 51517
    David Brown DB S1.53.101
    Cincinnati Milacron
    Also suitable for gearbox containing bronze and copper alloy components.