Zetalube 222 Compressor Oil

Formulated with quality base fluid and available in a range of viscosity grade, ZL 222 is specially designed to provide effective lubrication for rotary, screw and piston type air compressors.  This high viscosity-index, multi-grade anti-wear compressor oil provides excellent film protection and strength to machineries/equipment exposed to a wide service temperature range.


  • Special additives to provide superior load-carrying capability and protection against wear to the load bearing surfaces of machinery/equipment.
  • High viscosity index and wide service temperature range.
  • Excellent oxidation resistance – prevents build-ups of sludge and varnish which causes breakdown.
  • Low acid value and good resistance to corrosion – extends service life of machinery/equipment.
  • Good shear stability and lubricity to provide extra anti-wear protection to machinery/equipment.


  • For all types of air compressors including:
    – Rotary Compressors
    – Centrifugal Compressors
    – Screw Type Compressors
    – Axial Flow Compressors
    – Gear Compressors
  • For all types of vacuum pumps.
  • Available in ISO VG 46, ISO VG 68 & ISO VG 100.