Zetalube 221 High VI Hydraulic Oil

ZL 221 is a high viscosity-index, multi-grade anti-wear hydraulic oil that provides excellent film protection and strength to hydraulic machineries/equipment exposed to a wide service temperature range such as outdoor hydraulic equipment.


  • High viscosity and anti-wear additive to provide superior load-carrying capability and protection against wear to the load bearing surfaces of machinery/equipment.
  • High viscosity index and wide service temperature range.
  • Excellent oxidation resistance – prevents build-ups of sludge and varnish which causes breakdown.
  • Low acid value and good resistance to corrosion – extends service life of machinery/equipment.
  • Good shear stability and lubricity to provide extra anti-wear protection to machinery/equipment.


  • For all types of hydraulic machineries and equipments in nearly all industries.
  • Particularly suitable for hydraulic systems operating in environments exposed to wide variance of temperatures such as industrial equipments constantly operating at low temperatures or outdoor hydraulic equipment.
  • For high load hydraulic equipment operating at high ambient temperatures.
  • For chain drives, electric motors, bearings, enclosed gears, etc. where anti-wear fluid is specified.