Zetalube 216 Wire Rope Compound

Formulated with tacky asphaltic base fluid and a special additive package developed for wire ropes, ZetaLube 216 is engineered to provide lubrication and protection to most types of wire ropes. It provides durable protection to the wire ropes against corrosion, abrasion, friction, and water wash out by forming a tough and adhesive external barrier on the wire ropes. In addition, it offers superior penetration into the strands of wire ropes on application.


  • ZetaLube 216 forms tough and adhesive protective barrier to:
    • protect the wire ropes against physical abrasion and wear as they are dragged along the rough surfaces.
    • protect the wire ropes against water washout.
  • ZetaLube 216 contains Extreme Pressure (EP) & anti-wear additives and rust inhibitive additives for extra-protection of the wire ropes against the harsh operating environment.
  • ZetaLube 216 penetrates to the inner strands of wire ropes to protect them from friction wear as they rub together during operation.


Apply ZetaLube 216 by brush, swabs or spray guns at regular intervals to prevent premature failure and ultimately to maximize service lives of wire ropes. Use ZetaLube 216:

  • For general wire rope applications on hoist ropes, dragline wire ropes, suspension ropes, and dump ropes.
  • In particular, for all general types of dragline wire rope applications in mining and quarrying industry