Zetalube 211 Multi Purpose Food Machinery Grease

Approved by NSF under H-1 category, Zetalube 211 is a multi purpose food grade grease designed for grease-lubricating bearings of food machinery commonly found in the food processing plants, canneries and bottling plants. Formulated with modified aluminum complex thickener, ZetaLube 211 offers higher dropping point than most other greases and hence a higher operating temperature limit. In addition, ZetaLube 211 offers better-than average resistance against water washout to protect machineries in the water-intensive food and beverage processing industry.


  • Versatile food-grade grease for many applications on various types of food & beverage
    machineries to reduce inventory of lubricating greases.
  • Good load-carrying property to offer protection to machineries against loads and wear.
  • Good resistance against water-washout and corrosion to protect machineries frequently exposed to moisture operating conditions in the food & beverage industry.
  • Good adhesiveness to stay in position to offer reliable protection and lubrication.
  • Virtually no oil-separation to avoid frequent labor jobs in keeping the grease in appropriate working conditions.
  • Compatible with most other types of food-grade grease thickeners (such as calcium, 12-hydroxy and lithium complex) to eliminate the needs of complicated grease change-over jobs.


  • For almost all types of grease-lubricated bearings of food and beverage machineries
    exposed to medium to heavy loads and water-washout operating conditions.
  • For machineries with possible contact with food in canneries, bottling plants, meat & fish processing plants, poultry handling plants, and other food & beverage processing plants.