Zetalube 205 High Temp Grease

ZetaLube 205 Hi Temp Grease is specially designed for application on machinery/equipment constantly exposed to elevated temperatures. Formulated with synthetic fluid and high performance additives, ZetaLube 205 protects the machinery/equipment with excellent thermal] and oxidation stability and special high-temperature lubricity


  • Outstanding oxidation and thermal stability at elevated temperatures.
  • Strong protection against rust and corrosion.
  • Exceptionally wide service temperature range — maintains fluidity at very low temperatures (down to -40°C) and lubricity at very high temperatures (up to 210°C ).
  • Excellent load-carrying capability.
  • Special thickener to provide additional lubricity at high temperatures.
  • Extends re-greasing intervals and reduces maintenance costs.


  • For lubrication of medium – to high-speed industrial machineries and equipment exposed to high temperatures and moisture — such as chain conveyor bearings in denim drying choker.
  • For guides, rack & pinion, bushings, coupling, automotive parts exposed to high temperatures and moisture/steam.
  • Can also be used as lubricating grease for the processing; department of textile plants (suitable particularly for denim production)