Zetalube 204 Heavy Duty Roller Bearing Grease

ZetaLube 204 is an advanced heavy duty grease suitable particularly for application on all types of roller bearings. To cope with the high load and to provide strong film strength to the roller bearings, ZetaLube 204 is formulated with synthetic base fluid and special additive package. In addition, it is fortified with special solid lubricants to provide extra-protection to bearing parts against wear and high loads & pressure that are potentially deteriorating to the normal performance of machinery/equipment.


  • Excellent load-carrying capacity provided by synthetic base fluid and EP additive to protect machinery/equipment against high loads, high pressure and shock loads.
  • Outstanding resistance to corrosion and oxidation.
  • Good protection against water wash-off.
  • Exceptional film strength and stiffness needed to protect parts against heavy loading and severe impact.
  • High level of thermal and shear stabilities.
  • Maintains adequate lubricity at high temperatures.
  • Prevents excessive bearing bleeding and extends service life of bearing parts.


  • For roller bearings including taper roller bearings and roller thrust bearings of heavy-duty industrial machineries and equipment exposed to medium to high speeds.
  • For rotating contacts subjected to sliding movement under heavy loads.
  • Can also be used for lubrication of ring frames in the textile industry.