Omega 992 – “Power Jet” Fuel Injection Cleaner

Omega 992 “Power Jet” Fuel Injection Cleaner is the fuel injection booster that is added to both petrol and diesel-powered vehicles through the fuel tank at fill-up.

  • Omega 992 rapidly cleans injector nozzles to give you “as new” power and acceleration.
  • Omega 992 features a super “Power Jet” action that quickly dislodges contaminants throughout combustion chain to be burnt and ejected through the exhaust.
  • Omega 992 is effective on both petrol and diesel engines.

Outstanding Properties

Omega 992 is the “Power Jet” Fuel Injection Cleaner that:

  • Helps control vapor lock (water in the fuel system) to prevent hard-starting, rough idle and sluggish throttle response.
  • Contains special oxidation inhibitors to protect fuel tank, line, pump and injector from rust and acid attack.
  • Is simple to use – easy to apply to fuel tank at fill-up.
  • Features a concentrated formula for great economy to use.

Use for:-

Omega 992 Introduced through the fuel tank (for both petrol and diesel engines), Omega 992 mixes readily with the fuel to be injected, and flushes clean the pintle tips and rapidly dislodges any gum and coke deposits. Original fuel injector cleanliness is restored and the optimum vaporization pattern is maintained. This action provides precise metering and spray velocity.

Omega 992 users will find that treated engines are easier to start and idle more steadily, offering both clean acceleration and deceleration. Original smooth power is restored.

Use Omega 992 on fuel-injected petrol and diesel engines.