Omega 95 Super Corrosion Control Grease

Special Features

Omega 95 Super Corrosion-Control Grease is the “Latest Generation” of Omega’s premier severe corrosion, saltwater and salty atmosphere-resistant grease.

  • Omega 95 is super-formulated to ensure extraordinary resistance to virtually all types of corrosion.
  • Omega 95 has a higher density than water to enhance displacement of water from metal surfaces.
  • Omega 95 contains no heavy metals or other harmful additives – enchanced purity means it’s ideal for wide variety of clean and environmentally sensitive applications.

Outstanding Properties

Omega 95 is the super corrosion-control grease that:

  • Features an extremely high load-carrying capability.
  • Provides unparalleled mechanical stability.
  • Stands up to both high and low temperatures – -23ºC to 250ºC (-10ºF to 482ºF).
  • Continues to lubricate even when under water or in high water washout conditions that no ordinary grease can endure.

Use for:-

Omega 95 is unique in its ability to withstand severe corrosion and oxidation conditions found in such industries as fisheries, oil exploration, offshore gas drilling, oil tanker operations, etc.

Use Omega 95 for:

  • Lubricating Shipboard Equipment
  • Lubricating Dockside Equipment
  • Steam Cleaning Equipment in Bottling Plants
  • Abattoirs
  • And where wet conditions combine with high heat and pressurized water wash.

Omega 95 also works perfectly in anti-friction bearings, both low and high-speed standard bearings as well as countless other industrial and agricultural applications.