Omega 915 Special Gear Oil Booster

Omega 915 Special Gear Oil Booster is the “Super Transformer” for gear oils that extends lubricant life, improves performance and reduces fuel consumption.

  • Omega 915 transforms ordinary gear oil into super high-performance, extreme-pressure, high-spec API GL-5 and MIL-L-2105C oil
  • Omega 915 protects both automotive and industrial gears from premature wear due to high or shock loading
  • Omega 915 can be safely used on gears containing copper alloy parts

Outstanding Properties

Omega 915 is the special gear oil booster that:

  • Eliminates premature parts replacement due to its outstanding corrosion and oxidation prevention abilities
  • Needs just a “few drops” to significantly boost gear oil performance
  • Improves fuel economy by reducing fluid drag
  • Can double the service life of ordinary gear oil

Use for:-

The addition of Omega 915 will considerably improve the performance capabilities of ordinary gear oils. Omega 915 treated gear oils work to extend the service life of gears and gearboxes, while cutting the equipment’s overall fuel consumption.

Omega 915 can be added to any suitable base oil intended for gear oil use or to any existing new gear oil.

In addition to automotive gears and differential, Omega 915 can be used in the gear drives of numerous industries, including:

  • Chemical Plants
  • Petroleum Refineries
  • Sugar Refineries
  • Paper Mills
  • Wire Drawing
  • Quarries
  • Textile Mills
  • Mining Equipment
  • Gypsum Plants
  • Mineral Processing
  • Machine Shops
  • Food Processing