Omega 908 Battery Revive

Omega 908 Battery Revive is the “One-Shot Battery Treatment” formulated to add years of life to both old and new lead-acid batteries.

  • Omega 908 puts new life into old batteries and extends the life expectancy of new batteries.
  • Omega 908 acts immediately to restore sulphated, yet mechanically sound batteries.
  • Omega 908 keeps batteries running cooler and stronger to last longer.

Outstanding Properties

Omega 908 is the superior battery treatment that:

  • Features a superior liquid chemical formula that eliminates hard sulphation (i.e., crystallized deposits of leaf sulfate).
  • Boosts conductivity of electrolyte and keeps battery housing and plates clean.
  • Gives a faster and more efficient flow of both discharge and recharge currents through the battery plates.Remains active through the extended life of the battery.

Use for:-

Omega 908 is a one-time treatment for batteries that keeps on working to ensure battery plates are clean and porous.

Omega 908 works to ensure batteries give full peak power performance, display improved electrical storage capacity and give faster starts in hard-starting conditions such as freezing temperatures and both high and low humidity (air moisture) conditions.

Use Omega 908 on all lead-acid batteries.