Omega 907 – Engine & Compressor Flush

Omega 907 Engine & Compressor Flush is the “Super Action Flush” that removes harmful, power-robbing sludge, dirt and contaminants to boost engine efficiency in minutes.

  • Omega 907 efficiently & effectively cleans valves and hydraulic lifters
  • Omega 907 neutralizes internal engine acids – checks corrosive damage.
  • Omega 907 removes stubborn dirt, sludge, varnish and deposits from glycol anti-freeze leakage.

Outstanding Properties

Omega 907 is the engine and compressor flush that:

  • Arrests damage from extended drain intervals.
  • Prevents immediate deterioration of new oil by cleaning damaging components out of old oil.
  • Is especially effective in removing contaminants from oil screens (filters) and lines.
  • Is super fast – gets results in minutes.

Use for:-

Omega 907 is the specially formulated engine, compressor and hydraulic system flushing compound that removes harmful deposits with addition, and prior to flushing old oil.

The complete removal of accumulated sludge through the use of Omega 907 enables the new oil to function at its peak performance to best lubricate and protect metal parts.

Use Omega 907 for all engines, compressors and hydraulic systems.