Omega 906 Special Radiator Treatment Additive

Omega 906 Special Radiator Treatment Additive is the “Super Cool Solution” to 98% of cooling system problems.

  • Omega 906 maintains cooling system efficiency – helps eliminate costly breakdowns.
  • Omega 906 works to prevent corrosion – effective on all radiator metals, including aluminum, copper and steel.
  • Omega 906 is formulated to protect water pumps and seals.

Outstanding Properties

Omega 906 is the special radiator treatment additive that:

  • Combats engine failure – prolongs engine life.
  • Eliminates mineral scaling on radiator conduits
  • Checks premature water pump and parts failure.
  • Ensures proper thermostat operation.

Use for:-

Omega 906 provides long-lasting insurance against common radiator problems. One application provides six months of protection.

Omega 906 lubricates the water pump, seals, thermostat and all parts in the cooling system to ensure prolonged service life.

Omega 906 protects rubber, plastic, aluminum, copper and steel radiator parts from deterioration and corrosion.

Use Omega 906 confidently in all water-flow radiators