Omega 904 – Industrial Oil Concentrate

Omega 904 Industrial Oil Concentrate is scientifically designed to significantly improve machinery operating efficiency and reduce costly maintenance downtime.

  • Omega 904 is quality formulated with special fortifying additives to reduce lubricant oxidation and related problems including acid formation and sludge accumulation.
  • Omega 904 provides increased lubricity for enhanced performance.
  • Omega 904 extends interval between oil changes to save you money.

Outstanding Properties

Omega 904 is the industrial oil concentrate that:

  • Is fortified with extreme pressure additives to prolong oil service life.
  • Smoothes and enhances machine performance.
  • Reduces sludge, varnish and carbon build-up
  • Significantly reduces heat and wear.

Use for:-

Omega 904 does not alter the viscosity of an oil, but ensures it remains stable throughout its operational temperature range. Omega 904 resists thinning at high temperatures, yet will remain sufficiently thin for lubrication at low temperatures.

Omega 904 can be successfully applied to all lubrication systems, including

  • Bath
  • Wick-feed
  • Drip-feed
  • Closed
  • Pressure-fed.

Use Omega 904 for:

  • Transmission
  • V-drives
  • Variators
  • Reducers
  • Transfers
  • And all forms of gearboxes (excluding automatic transmissions)