Omega 85 Shear Sensation Plus All Purpose Grease

Special Features

Omega 85 “Shear Sensation Plus” All-Purpose Grease is “Leading-Edge Technology” – the result of extensive and tireless laboratory and field testing by Omega research engineers.

  • Omega 85 has a superior thickener and additives package that ensure unparalleled stability under high-shear conditions.
  • Omega 85 provides true multi-purpose versatility – it’s ideal for virtually all applications.
  • Omega 85 greatly reduces the need for re-greasing because of its long service life.

Outstanding Properties

Omega 85 is the superior all-purpose grease that:

  • Won’t squeeze out or migrate away from applied surfaces.
  • Has a non-metallic thickening system to minmize hardening of the grease due to oxidation of the base oil.
  • Is fully compatible with all types of seal materials – avoids difficult seal replacements caused by grease damage.
  • Eliminates guesswork and misapplication – all-purpose versatility saves you time and money!

Use for:-

Omega 85 is quality engineered to lubricate virtually any type of equipment. You can safely and confidently use Omega 85 for almost any type of grease lubrication for reliable and longlasting results.

Use Omega 85 for:

  • All Types of Bearings
  • All Types of Machinery and Factory Equipment
  • All Types of Vehicle Lubrication Requiring a Grease
  • Marine and Dockside Equipment
  • And more…