Omega 78 Food Grade Anti Corrosion Grease


Omega 78 Food Grade Anti-Corrosion Grease belongs to the latest revolutionary generation of lubrication solutions

  • Omega 78 is formulated to offer exceptional mechanical stability, high dropping point, high load carrying capacity, reduced wear, and excellent resistance to water, rust and corrosion.
  • Omega 78 protects and extends the life expectancy of critical equipment by its powerful “fish-scale” like pattern coating – a technological competitive edge.
  • Omega 78 outperforms other premium greases such as lithium complex, aluminum complex and polyurea.

Outstanding Properties

Omega 78 is the super anti-corrosion grease that:

  • Features excellent EP (extreme pressure) and AW (antiwear) properties
  • Needs no additional additives
  • Ensures low bleed tendencies even at high temperatures – together with excellent mechanical stability give maximum lubricant life for promising cost-efficiencies

Use for:-

Omega 78 Food Grade Anti-Corrosion Grease is the revolutionary & genuine multipurpose grease that satisfies most major industries and abundant innovative applications.

Engineers and Maintenance Professionals use Omega 78 for versatile applications including:

  • Food Processing Plants, Automotive Industries, Paper Mills, Steel Mills, Mining Operations, Nuclear Plants, Offshore Industries and Marine Applications.

Omega 78 prevails in the most adverse environments, while maintaining its outstanding properties: EP & AW and excellent resistance to corrosion, oxidation, water spray-off, washout even under elevated temperatures.