Omega 757 – Long-Drain All-Fleet Engine Oil

Omega 757 Long-Drain All-Fleet Engine Oil is the “Simple and Perfect Solution” for mixed fleet operators because it has the widest variety of uses ever built into one lubricant.

  • Omega 757 is truly multi-purpose – it’s designed for all types of vehicles under all climatic conditions.
  • Omega 757 is made from only the finest base oils and superior Omega “Megalite” performance-enhancing additives.
  • Omega 757 dramatically and consistently reduces oil consumption while extending drain intervals to save you time and money.

Outstanding Properties

Omega 757 is the long-drain all-fleet engine oil that:

  • Displays exceptional anti-wear characteristics.
  • Contains superior corrosion inhibitors that work to protect the valve train and all working parts for long-life performance.
  • Contains special low ash additives to do away with sticking rings and valve or piston deposits – eliminates sludge build-up.
  • Meets or exceeds virtually all automotive engine manufacturers’ specifications.

Use for:-

Omega 757’s super multi-grade special blend additives package provides all-fleet, year-round versatility for large fleet operators that run diesel and/or gasoline (petrol) powered vehicles – including taxi, truck, police, construction, bus and other fleet operators.

Omega 757 so greatly reduces friction that an increase in fuel economy has occurred in all tests made on this remarkable lubricant. Omega 757 especially improves the fuel economy in start/stop driving.

Use Omega 757 confidently for all types of diesel and gasoline engines