Omega 71 Universal Non-Melt Grease

Special Features

Omega 71 Universal Non-Melt Grease is the high temperature lubricant that keeps on working long after ordinary greases have melted away.

  • Omega 71 is the severe-temperature grease that positively will not melt, run or drip at any temperature!
  • Omega 71 stays in place longer to eliminate the need for frequent lubrication – saves you time and money.
  • Omega 71 contains Omega’s unique “Megalite” supplements to ensure long-lasting reliable lubrication of metal surfaces.

Outstanding Properties

Omega 71 is the universal non-melt grease that:

  • Forms its own seal to keep out damaging water and contaminants.
  • Provides extreme versatility – works exceedingly well on practically all types of standard equipment.
  • Is quality formulated to suppress the natural tendency of grease to migrate during normal use.
  • Is color-coded to prevent costly misapplication.

Use for:-

Omega 71 is absolutely the right choice for high-temperature applications. But Omega 71 is much more than just a temperature-resistant lubricant, it provides exceptional lubricity that retards wear and prolongs the service life of vital equipment.

Use Omega 71 Universal Non Melt Grease in:

  • Kiln Car Bearings
  • Autoclaves
  • Water Pumps
  • Babbitt
  • Bearings
  • And countless applications requiring long-lasting and reliable lubrication