Omega 699 – Super Automatic Transmission Fluid

The New OMEGA 699 Super Automatic Transmission Fluid is a truly multi-purpose fluid that meets and exceeds all current original equipment manufacturers specifications for automatic transmission fluids, including the latest and most rigorous specifications of DEXRON III®

  • OMEGA 699 is enhanced with a more versatile formulation to lubricate the newest designs in automatic transmissions
  • OMEGA 699 keeps equipment cool and lubricated, absorbs heat and converts it to free energy – ensuring the best protection
  • OMEGA 699 ensures that the AT system, clutch plates and the seals remain clean and highly functional at all times

Outstanding Properties

Formulated with the most advanced & superior quality paraffinic oil base and professionally-balanced additive package, OMEGA 699:

  • Has built-in heat resistance up to 176°C
  • Provides an essential safety margin – prevents equipment malfunction and also promotes long-term safety
  • Can be used up to 80,000 km without renewal
  • Offers high viscosity & temperature stability – suitable for all climates
  • Is completely oxidation-resistant, & complemented with a unique friction-modifying additive
  • Prevents corrosion, rust and the formation of surface scale

Use for:-

OMEGA 699 is approved by General Motors DEXRON III® (License Number Assigned # H-36375); also meeting / exceeding the specifications of:

  • GM Dexron – IIE
  • GMC Truck & Coach Division vehicles using V, V-H & Super V transmissions
  • Ford MERCON®
  • Caterpillar TO-2 AV
  • Mercedes Benz MB236.6, also Passenger Car Manual Transmissions
  • Volvo
  • ZF TE ML-14
  • Allison C-4
  • Allison AT, MT & HT Transmissions & Sundstrand & Eaton heavy duty transmission
  • Low temperature hydraulic and rotary air compressors