Omega 680 – High-Performance Worm Gear Oil

OMEGA 680 High-Performance Worm Gear Oil is the “timetested and time-proven” maintenance solution to derive the optimal efficiency and peak performance from all kinds of worm gear.

  • OMEGA 680 improves the operating efficiency of worm gear up to + 8% with its advanced formulation & expensive base stock.
  • OMEGA 680 maximizes worm gear life by improved mechanical efficiency and reduced friction and wear.
  • OMEGA 680’s exceptional lubricity & tenacity protect worm gears with reduced friction temperature.
  • OMEGA 680’s superior performance promotes quieter and cooler gear operation.

Outstanding Properties

OMEGA 680 is formulated with the most advanced oil base and additive package that:

  • Is compatible with copper-based components commonly found in worm gear sets.
  • Expedites “break-in” period for new gear sets and ensures proper mating of virgin metal worm and gear sets – eliminates damages to metallic contact areas.
  • Achieves cost-savings & lower energy consumption with outstanding improvement on power transmission efficiency
  • Offers super low coefficient of friction and excellent dispersion characteristics – significantly lower operating temperatures of worm gears sets.

Use for:-

OMEGA 680 is the state-of-the-art lubricating oil to derive the maximum operating efficiency of worm gears while offering superior protection against corrosion and heat distortion. Life expectancy of worm gear is justifiably extended by the superior lubricity of OMEGA 680.

Engineers and Maintenance Professionals use OMEGA 680 for versatile applications including:

  • All kinds of worm gear sets
  • Enclosed worm gears operating at high speeds & high temperatures
  • Worm gear sets requiring resistance to oxidation and thermal degradation and the build-up of harmful deposits caused by extreme temperatures
  • Heavy-duty & high temperature worm gear operating environment
  • All types of bevel and spur gears, plain and rolling bearings
  • Steel, paper, thermal & cement industries with applications at cooling tower, conveyor gearbox, apron feeder gearbox, aerator gearbox, bowl & ball mill gearbox