Omega 670 – Straight Mineral Gear Oil

Omega 670 Straight Mineral Gear Oil is the high-purity lubricant engineered specially for high-performance applications where supplements and additives can’t be used.

  • Omega 670 is 100% straight paraffinic gear oil designed for optimum results in high-purity applications.
  • Omega 670 stands up to acids, heat and wear that ordinary napthenic oil can’t handle.
  • Omega 670 provides exceptional protection against metal corrosion and oxidation.

Outstanding Properties

Omega 670 is the straight mineral gear oil that:

  • Is completely resistant to water and moisture.
  • Operates at both ultra-low temperatures, where ordinary oils begin to drag, and higher temperatures, where ordinary oils become unstable.
  • Has high resistance to foaming – withstands sustained gear action without aerating.
  • Assures freedom from gum and other deposits.

Use for:-

Omega 670 is the result of a unique blending procedure whereby the finest quality, solvent-refined paraffinic oil is gelled with hyper-purity and dewaxed cylinder-quality mineral base oils that provide the superb standard of lubricity that ordinary gear oils are simply unable to attain.

Use Omega 670 for all gear applications where straight mineral, non-EP gear oils are required