Omega 66 Heavy Duty Low Temp Grease

Special Features

Omega 66 Heavy-Duty Low-Temp Grease is the “High-Tech, Low-Tem” lubricant for heavy-duty applications.

  • Omega 66 provides long-lasting and reliable lowtemperature performance – down to -55°C (-65°F).
  • Omega 66 absolutely will not congeal or harden in even the most severe “freeze-up” conditions.
  • Omega 66 gives excellent resistance to water and washout caused by ice, snow, sleet and other such elements.

Outstanding Properties

Omega 66 is the heavy-duty low-temperature grease that:

  • Guards against failure of vital, or “life-support”, equipment caused by “lubricant freeze-up”.
  • Maintains stable viscosity to eliminate the power drag and difficult start-ups that can be caused by temperature congealed grease.
  • Resists oxidation and provides anti-rust protection over entire applied surface.
  • Meets or exceeds the demanding requirements of research, government and military specifications for strategic operations.

Use for:-

Omega 66 is an easy-to-use specially formulated ultra low-temperature grease that ensures vital moving parts are protected and lubricated even in extreme conditions. Use Omega 66 in cold, windy and unprotected locations where a lubricant with special low-temperature stability is required.