Omega 656 – Cutting, Grinding & Machining Fluid

Omega 656 100% Synthetic Cutting, Grinding & Machining Fluid is the totally new concept in quality lubrication that revolutionizes machining operations.

  • Omega 656’s 100% synthetic formulation ensures unsurpassed safety and performance.
  • Omega 656 is transparent and enables use with equipment employing optical sensors.
  • Omega 656 is easily diluted to extremely economical dosage rates, but will still give performance superior to ordinary cutting/machining fluids.

Outstanding Properties

Omega 656 is the superior synthetic cutting, grinding and machining fluid that:

  • Provides remarkable lubricity and heat “carry-away” fluid properties for cleaner, truer machining – even on difficult surfaces.
  • Protects expensive cutting tools from dulling prematurely – saves time and money.
  • Contains no chlorine, sulfur or nitrates – free from any potentially skin-damaging or allergenic chemistry.
  • Is water-dispersible and fully bio-degradable – environmentally friendly for easy disposal.

Use for:-

Omega 656 is extremely versatile and can be used with complete confidence on iron, steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper as well as non-metals such as ceramics and glass.

Omega 656 remains near-neutral in color (transparent) when mixed with water at the prescribed mixture ratios enabling work surfaces and machining areas to remain clearly visible for the machinist – making precision work, accuracy and alignment easy.

Use Omega 656 in all cutting, grinding and machining operations where a quality fluid is required.