Omega 64 Pin, Bushing and Track Roller Grease

Omega 64 is superior ultra-tacky heavy duty formula ideal for pin, bushing and track roller for use. It’s super penetration power gets through to the hard-to-lubricate points. It stays tenaciously in place to give reliable, long lasting protection!

Special Features

Omega 64 Pin, Bushing & Track Roller Grease is the “Scientific Answer” to your most difficult pin, bushing and track roller lubrication questions.

  • Omega 64 features a superior ultra-tacky heavy-duty formula that makes it ideal for pin, bushing and track roller applications.
  • Omega 64 has super penetration power to get through to even the most hard-to-lubricate points.
  • Omega 64 stays in place to give dependable long-lasting protection – clings tenaciously to metal and resists squeeze-out.

Outstanding Properties

Omega 64 is the pin, bushing and track roller grease that:

  • Is stringy, tacky and sticky enough to follow the motion of large open bushings – even at slow speeds.
  • Forms a seal to keep water away from bearings – special inhibitors protect against oxidation and corrosion.
  • Carries up to 10% more oil than ordinary lubricants to ensure wide-spread quality lubrication.
  • Flows freely through the small clearance grease passages in track rollers and small pin areas – yet it will not drip

Use for:-

Omega 64 has been developed to greatly increase the life of your expensive equipment. Use Omega 64 to lubricate pins, bushings and track rollers. Omega 64 is also suitable for use in slow-moving industrial gears where a semi-fluid grease is required.