Omega 636 – Jamaican-Base Universal Maintenance Oil

Omega 636 Jamaican-Base Universal Maintenance Oil is “The Liquid Wrench” universal maintenance oil with superior water resistance and displacement properties.

  • Omega 636 is made with pure Jamaican pimento oil for enduring quality.
  • Omega 636 has four-in-one action – lubricates, penetrates, lifts water and prevents rust.
  • Omega 636 is unbelievably versatile – can be used as temporary corrosion protection before applying permanent anti-corrosion coating (excluding paints or primers).

Outstanding Properties

Omega 636 is the Jamaican-base universal maintenance oil that:

  • Is formulated with an oil heavier that water – displaces water rapidly with deep penetrating action that forces moisture/water out.
  • Frees rust-frozen parts in seconds – even “impossible” jobs.
  • Clings tenaciously to metal parts for superior lubrications and surface protection.
  • Is easily applied with a brush, roller, air-spraying or soaking in bath – requires no mixing or special surface preparation.

Use for:-

Omega 636 offers an unprecedented standard of protection for metal surfaces against corrosion caused by oxidation.

Omega 636 not only penetrates metal surfaces, but also leaves a thin protective surface film that resists oxidation, rust and corrosion.

Omega 636 can be used on all medium and small machinery and equipment as a rust inhibitor, fingerprint and perspiration suppressant and active water displacer.

Use Omega 636 for freeing rust-frozen parts like bolts, screws and nuts; protecting small parts and tools; waterproofing “outdoor-exposed” parts and equipment; rustproofing and preserving parts prior to storage and transport; protecting newly machined ferrous alloys; and general purpose lubrication and rust-protection