Omega 631 – Superior Quality Engine Oil

OMEGA 631 Superior Quality Engine Oil is a unique neutral lubrication oil engineered to optimize engine performance with its high purity lubrication characteristics

  • OMEGA 631 is the genuine all-climate engine oil suitable for extreme operating conditions
  • OMEGA 631 protects and extends service lifetime of high performance engines
  • OMEGA 631 ensures excellent lubricity with its premium paraffinic base stock and advanced additive package


Formulated with premium Pennsylvania paraffinic neutral oils and OMEGA’s proprietary additive package, OMEGA 631 offers the following unique performance characteristics:

  • Strong resistance against oxidation & corrosion
  • High viscosity ensures the most reliable engine protection in the most punishing conditions and temperature fluctuations
  • Proprietary additive package includes OMEGA Megalite• for lubricity enhancement and detergent & dispersant against harmful sludge Classifications

Use for:-

OMEGA 631 Superior Quality Engine Oil is engineered to meeting and exceeding the most demanding engine specifications of major auto / equipment manufacturers.

Engineers and Maintenance Professionals use OMEGA 631 for a wide spectrum of applications including:

  • Rotary engines
  • Gasoline (petrol) and light-duty, naturally aspirated diesel engines

OMEGA 631 meets or exceeds operational specifications of Ford, Rover, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, API & ACEA Classifications