Omega 609 – Food-Grade Air Line Lubricant

Omega 609 Food-Grade Air Line Lubricant is the highly refined oil with built-in safeguards to protect products from accidental and operational contact.

  • Omega 609 is made from the purest food-grade white base oils for new levels of safety.
  • Omega 609 easily meets or exceeds most safety requirements.
  • Omega 609 positively prevents “curdling” when in contact with water.

Outstanding Properties

Omega 609 is the food-grade air line lubricant that:

  • Is formulated to provide superior lubrication in airpressurized oil-dispensing air systems.
  • Satisfies lubrication requirements for pneumatic tools that require a high-purity lubricant.
  • Features extremely stable viscosity profile under widely varying operating conditions.
  • Contains special additives for unmatched resistance to oxidation.

Use for:-

The purity of Omega 609 provides a new level of safety should product accidentally, or through operating conditions, come into contact with food and beverage, pharmaceutical or sanitation processing equipment.

Omega 609 is formulated to help prevent the formation of blockages in valves, nozzles and hoses subject to air pressures and contaminants inherent in the operation of air line equipment.

Use Omega 609 in pressurized air systems in:

  • Food and Beverage Operations
  • Pharmaceutical Equipment
  • Sanitation Processing Equipment
  • And more…