Omega 608 – Superior Chain and Way Lubricant

Omega 608 Superior Chain & Way Lubricant is the scientifically tested and proven advanced oil that keeps chains and ways operating under severe conditions.

  • Omega 608 maintains lubication even under oil/water conditions.
  • Omega 608 features an outstanding formulation – resists oil oxidation and protects metals from corrosion.
  • Omega 608 has high film strength – will not break down even under heavy loads.

Outstanding Properties

Omega 608 is the superior chain and way lubricant that:

  • Contains Omega’s unique “Megalite” supplement to coat and protect metal surfaces and significantly reduce metal- to-metal contact.
  • Provides excellent adhesion – resists migration and fling-off to stay tenaciously where it is needed.
  • Prevents scored, cracked and broken chains as well as worn rail failures.
  • Has no unpleasant odor and does not cause “eye burning” as ordinary lubricants often do.

Use for:-

Chains and ways operating under severe conditions require reliable, long-lasting lubrication. Omega 608 has a high film strength that protects chains and ways against both wear and corrosion.

Omega 608 is a superb combination of selected base oils and highly fortified extreme-pressure supplements designed to substantially increase the service life of your equipment, cutting maintenance and downtime.

Use Omega 608 for:

  • Motorcycle Chains
  • Bicycle Chains
  • Conveyor Chains
  • Printing Machine Chains
  • Guides
  • Chain Saws
  • Machine Ways
  • Trolleys
  • Hook Ways
  • Conveyor Mechanisms
  • And more…