Omega 606 – Multi-Grade Hydraulic Oil

OMEGA 606 Multi-Grade Hydraulic Oil is a high performance, high viscosity, multi-grade hydraulic oil fitting most hydraulic systems made by major European, US and Japanese manufacturers.

  • OMEGA 606 extends oil and equipment lifetime with top lubricity
  • OMEGA 606 promotes cleaner hydraulic systems with antideposit and anti-sludge formulation
  • OMEGA 606’s genuine performance versatility ensures application on different hydraulic systems and helps reduce plant’s overall inventory costs

Outstanding Properties

Formulated with premium base stock OMEGA 606 offers the following outstanding performance characteristics:

  • Excellent thermal stability and outstanding anti-wear and anticorrosion properties
  • High viscosity index with high shear stability
  • Proprietary additive package enhanced with OMEGA Megalite supplement
  • Fortified with special metal deactivators for ultimate protection against metal-to-metal contact
  • Neutralizes & prevents acid build-up and inhibits oxidation

Use for:-

OMEGA 606 Multi-Grade Hydraulic Oil is engineered to satisfy the most demanding lubrication needs in hydraulic systems. OMEGA 606 is widely used by engineers & maintenance professionals on:

  • High performance hydraulic systems and components of equipment produced by major European, US and Japanese manufacturers
  • Hydraulic systems with multi-metal designs or close tolerance designs
  • Hydraulic systems subject to wide temperature fluctuations
  • Gears and bearings of hydraulic systems
  • On and off-highway equipment including those used in construction, mining, quarrying, trucking, and agriculture