Omega 605 – Superior Air Line Lubricant

Omega 605 Superior Air Line Lubricant is the scientifically advanced formulation that provides exceptional safety in all air line applications.

  • Omega 605 is quality formulated specially for air lines – withstands extreme punishment.
  • Omega 605 has special emulsifying additives to enable water to mix readily with oil – keeps lines flowing freely.
  • Omega 605 bonds tenaciously to working surfaces – gives reliable, long-lasting protection.

Outstanding Properties

Omega 605 is the superior air line lubricant that:

  • Is made from the finest base oils available – blended with unique Omega “Megalite” supplements to ensure unmatched lubricity.
  • Contains special foam inhibitors to reduce pressure on seals and boost overall performance.
  • Gives excellent film strength to resist the highest pressure encountered in most air line applications.
  • Provides outstanding temperature stability.

Use for:-

Omega 605 is a super steady lubricant for air lines made from quality base oils and fortified with exclusive Omega supplements for unmatched performance.

While Omega 605 is especially developed for air line performance and meets or exceeds virtually all manufacturers’ specifications, it is also ideally suited to pneumatic tool application.

Use Omega 605 for all air line lubricator applications