Omega 59 Central Lub System Grease

Omega 59 Central Lub System Grease is a quality formulated specially for CS (central system) lubrication. It positively will not harden which gives highest standard of long distance pumpability. Besides, Omega 59 Central Lube System Grease stands up to extreme pressure and high shock applications.

Special Features

Omega 59 Central Lub System Grease is designed with outstanding low temperature pumpability.

  • Omega 59 is quality formulated with temperature resistant thickeners especially for CS lubrication applications
  • Omega 59 positively will not harden and gives the highest standard of long-distance pumpability essential for successful CS use
  • Omega 59 is precision engineered not separate or bleed even – under extreme pressure and high shock conditions

Outstanding Properties

Omega 59 is the central lubrication system grease that:

  • Provides superior heat resistance – melting point at least 38ºC (100ºF) higher than ordinary greases.
  • Has high oil-to-thickener ratio to ensure superior pumpability.
    Features Omega’s Unique “Megalite” additives to coat and protect metal surfaces and defeat friction and wear.
  • Resists water and wash-out – special agents prevent corrosion and oxidation.

Use for:-

Omega 59 retains the proper consistency so that it can be easily pumped through the lines, yet at the same time it is not too light to protect bearings. In standard tests Omega 59 has shown a consistency change of less than 10%, while ordinary greases thin by more than 25%. Roller tests show that Omega 59 thins less than 14%, while ordinary greases thin by as much as 50%.

Omega 59 can be successfully employed in any and all CS equipment. Omega 59 can be applied manually or automatically to achieve optimum results.