Omega 51 Super Electric Motor Grease

Omega 51 Super Electric Motor Grease is absolutely non-conductive which is ideal for electric motors and bearings. It features exceptional shear stability and oxidation resistance. Omega 51 able to have high penetration ensures outstanding performance.

Special Features

Omega 51 Super Electirc Motor Grease is the high performance lubricant engineered specially for high-speed electric motors and bearings.

  • Omega 51 is absolutely non-conductive – ideal for a wide variety of electric and electronic applications
  • Omega 51 features an exceptionally high shear strength stability and resistance to oxidation
  • Omega 51 has high penetration margin to ensure outstanding and long lasting performance

Outstanding Properties

Omega 51 is the super electric motor grease that:-

  • Is highly resistant to water and wash-out
  • Provides effective long-lasting lubrication
  • Has a high melting point due to lithium soap content made from selective fatty materials, quality minieral oil and highly effective oxidation, corrosion and rust inhibitors
  • Provides greater wear-minimizing efficiency and prolonged protection both in lubrication equipment and bearing surfaces.

Use for:-

Omega 51 provides maximum equipment protection for longer periods because it ensures totoal surface coverage – even under extreme conditions.

Use Omega 51 for:-

  • Ball, Roller and Needle Bearings
  • High and Low Speed Plain Bearings and Conveyers
  • Cranes
  • Crushers
  • Paper Machinery
  • Pumps Winches
  • Hammer Mills

Omega 51 can also be used as a single, multi-purpose grease on construction projects, steel mills and all types of bearings including hand-packed bearings, grease fittings, wheel bearings and many more.