Omega 26 ThermaSyn FG Grease

Omega 26 ThermaSyn FG Grease is execellent oxidative and therma stability. It’s outstanding resistance to solvent and most aggressive chemicals. It has long service life and versatile applications. Furthermore, it’s the high performance food grade EP bearing grease. (Available in NLGI#2 and NLGI#00)

Special Features

Omega 26 ThermaSyn FG Grease is the advanced EP bearing grease formulated for applications particularly in the food and beverage industry:-

  • Omega 26 offers long service life and hence reduces maintenance costs.
  • Omega 26 offers execellent lubrication to equipment and machines under extreme temperatures.
  • Omega 26 is specially designed to withstand high load and severe shock load – safeguarding bearing parts
  • Omega 26 meets and exceeds NSF’s H1 requirements for lubricants with incidental food contact for use in and around food processing area.

Outstanding Properties

Omega 26 ThermaSyn FG Grease is formulated with the most advanced synthetic base fluid / thickener that:-

  • ENsures low temperature fluidity and high thermal stability for execellent performance from -25°C to 280°C
  • Features execellent EP protection under high or shock loading conditions
  • Provides execellent thermal and oxidative stability and outstanding resistance to chemicals and water
  • Offers execellent anti-wear protection to the equipment and machines

Use for:-

Omega 26 ThermaSyn FG Grease is the innovative high-temperature EP bearing grease that satisfies critical and specialty applications especially in the food and beverage industry

Lubrication professionals use Omega 26 for versatile applications including:-

  • Lubrication of equipment and machineries in food processing and packing, canning and bottling factories
  • Lubrication of bearings and roller bearings of track & chain conveyors going through food baking ovens
  • Lubrication of O-rings, plastics & ceramics, couplings, instruments, valves & railway switch machine bearings
  • Lubrication of pressure release and plug valves and pumping equipment handling highly corrosive or reactive liquids.
  • And many other maintenance applications below 280°C