Omega 22 Glide Sensation – All Purpose Grease

Omega 22 Glide Sensation All Purpose Grease is a Superior All Temp, Hi Load, Hi-EP Grease! It’s Execellent Lithium Complex Based – Lubricity Enhanced with PTFE. It’s also able to withstands heavy water washout, shock and load. Omega 22 All Purpose Grease has low starting and running torque and extends equipment lifespand and re-lubrication cycle which helps to reduce cost and promote energy saving. Omega 22 is the most trusted lubrication solution to extreme operating conditions in corrugating / textiles / paper machines and automotive applications

Special Features

OMEGA 22 “Glide Sensation+” All Purpose Grease is a superior-performance synthetic lithium complex base alltemp, high-load, high EP grease that significantly extends equipment lifespan and re-lubrication cycle

  • OMEGA 22 is empowered with a special grade polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) constituent to improve wear resistance.
  • OMEGA 22 offers tenacious protection to critical metal parts of speciality machines under extreme temperatures.
  • OMEGA 22 is specially designed to withstand high loading and severe shock loading – safeguard bearing against the harshest operations.
  • OMEGA 22 prevails against high-loading & high-impact conditions and provides unparalleled protection against “stick-slip” and bearing seizure.

Outstanding Properties

OMEGA 22 is formulated with the most advanced synthetic grease base and additive package that:

  • Ensures a high viscosity index for excellent film protection at high temperatures & outstanding low-temperature mobility for reliable pumpability.
  • Features excellent EP (extreme pressure) and AW (antiwear) properties with its unique additives package
  • Offers a high dropping point, high thermal & mechanical stability and a low rate of evaporation.

Use for:-

Omega 22 “Glide Sensation” All Purpose Grease is the new generation high-temperature EP synthetic PTFE multipurpose grease that satisfies critical and specialty applications.

Engineers and maintenance professionals use Omega 22 for versatile applications including:

  • All types of ball, roller and plain bearings
  • Rolling bearings in corrugating machines, extruding screw bearings in plastic injection molding machines, conveyor bearings of ovens and dryers
  • Bearings in cableway and precision engineering application
  • Joints, couplings, and many automotive applications
  • High speed bearings in textile machines and threaded spindles
  • Critical rolling element bearing applications in paper machine
  • Most low-tension(LT), high-tension (HT) and heavy duty industrial motors