Omega 658 – Emulsifiable, Cutting & Cooling Fluid

Omega 658 Emulsifiable Cutting & Cooling Oil is the emulsifiable cutting and cooling fluid that penetrates rapidly deep into the shear zone of machining operations to minimize friction.

  • Omega 658 offers super efficiency – extends cutting tool life by up to 100%.
  • Omega 658 offers super economy – remains effective even when diluted with water to as low as 1:40.
  • Omega 658 offers super versatility – it’s ideal for wide range of metals and alloys so you don’t have to stock different types for different jobs.

Outstanding Properties

Omega 658 is the emulsifiable cutting and cooling oil that:

  • Instantly soaks up heat generated by both internal and external friction and carries it away from the cutting tool.
  • Aids the surface finish of the work to further increase production rates between 50% to more than 100%.
  • Is non-flammable and will not generate nauseating fumes or odors – contains no sulfur, chlorine, nitrates or lead compounds.
  • Is reusable – reduces operating costs dramatically.

Use for:-

Omega 658 is quality formulated to prevent metal-to-metal bonding that is inherent in metalworking.

Omega 658 improves surface finishing performance by between 50% to more than 100% and increases tool life and metalworking efficiency by as much as 100%.
Omega 658 is ideal for use with a wide range of metals and alloys.

Use Omega 658 for all manual and re-circulating cutting/metalworking systems