Omega 638 – Food Grade 4-In-1 Maintenance Oil

Omega 638 is blended with materials that have USDA-H1 approval for incidental food contact. It is transparent, non-toxic and non-staining making it ideal for industries where safety and health is paramount.

  • Omega 638 has a four in one action – lubricates, penetrates to loosen ‘frozen’ bolts and nuts, displaces water and prevents rust.
  • Omega 638 can be used as temporary corrosion protection before applying anti-corrosion coating or electroplating.
  • Omega 638 will not harm plastics, paint work, vinyl, leather and rubber.

Outstanding Properties

Omega 638 is an universal maintenance lubricant that:

  • Has low surface tension to displace water with penetrating action that forces moisture/ water out of metal components.
  • It frees ‘frozen’ rusty bolts and nuts
  • This product is ideal where clean environment dictates nonstaining, non-toxic and odourless lubrication application.
  • It is easy to apply with a brush, sprayer or in a dip tray.

Use for:-

Omega 638 offers short-term protection to metal surfaces against corrosion caused by oxidation, moisture or high humidity.

Omega 638 is useful for environments that need a colourless and non-staining, non-toxic short-term rust preventive coating.

Omega 638 can be used as a light lubricant on machinery and equipment found in bottling plants, food manufacturing, hospitals, schools, fish processing, and other factories that needs a clean and safe environment.

Omega 638 is also acceptable for use in the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and sanitary industries.