Omega 611 – Super Refrigeration Oil

Omega 611 Superior Refrigeration Oil that provides constant lubrication to rotors, pistons and bearings in all types of refrigeration compressor systems.

  • Omega 611 is formulated specifically for refrigerators – soluble with most refrigerants.
  • Omega 611 remains stable at low temperatures – does not form waxy or solid deposits that block oilways and orifice passages.
  • Omega 611 will not ice up – retains constant fluid texture to ensure consistent, long-lasting protection.

Outstanding Properties

Omega 611 is the superior refrigeration oil that:

  • Contains special additives to enhance the oil’s natural high resistance to oxidation – resists corrosion and cancerous rust.
  • Contains special foam suppressors to minimize foaming in compressors.
  • Is uniquely formulated to eliminate the formation of virtually all deposits and keep expansion valves and orifice passages clean and clear.
  • Has high dielectric value for outstanding relaibility.

Use for:-

Omega 611 is the ultra low temperature stable refrigerator lubricant designed to provide trouble-free, long-term constant performance for all types of refrigeration compressor systems – light, medium and heavy-duty.

Omega 611 has been specially formulated to withstand all severe operating conditions present in today’s ultra low temperature, high-performance refrigeration compressors.

Use Omega 611 for refrigerators using CFC, HCFC or ammonia as refrigeral.