Zetalube 225 Chain / Slideway Oil

ZetaLube 225 is formulated with quality, high viscosity mineral oil and a package of additives that provides good load-carrying capability, high oxidation resistance, excellent corrosion protection, and special adhesiveness to resist wash-off from chain and slideway surfaces. It not only provides lubrication but also protection against rust and wears to chains and slideways of machineries/equipment.

Features and Benefits

  • Good load-carrying performance to resist shock, load and impact – available in a range of viscosity grade for medium- to high-load carrying capabilities.
  • High levels of adhesiveness and emulsion number offer extra protection to chains and slideways against water wash-off and subsequently rusting caused by moisture.
  • Prevents stick-slip on machine slideways - optimizes the performance of machinery/equipment.
  • High oxidation resistance – eliminates the formation of carbon residues and/or varnishes that are damaging to machinery/equipment.
  • Provides excellent corrosion protection to the chains & slideways – ultimately extend machinery/equipment life.

Recommended Applications

For lubrication of chains and machine ways subjected to high load and steam / moisture.
Suitable for use on:

  • Slideway of machine tools such as lathes, drilling and tapping machines, etc. exposed to high loads.
  • Chain drives, conveyor chains, etc.
  • For gears, bearings and/or machine parts where tacky oil is required.

Pack Size

205 Litre Metal Drum & 20 Litre Plastic Container