Zetalube 224 Heat Transfer Oil

Formulated with quality mineral oil and special additives, ZL 224 is designed to provide maintenance professionals/engineers an economical and efficient circulating fluid for any heat transfer system.

Features and Benefits

  • Offers good fluidity so as to minimize the energy and costs required to pump and circulate the oils.
  • Formidable thermal conductivity to optimize the efficiency and to minimize the costs of the heat transfer system.
  • Excellent thermal stability – minimizes the fluctuation of temperatures and eliminates the formation of sludge and deposits in the heat transfer system.
  • Low volatility helps eliminate vapor lock in circulating pumps and reduces the possibility of pump cavitations.
    Provides uniform rate of heat transfer - reduces the risk of overheating in any particular spot of the system.

Recommended Applications

  • For enclosed heat transfer system in the production processes of :
    - Asphalt and coal tar
    - Chemicals and pharmaceuticals manufacturing
    - Fiberboards
    - Greases
    - Plywood laminating
    - Rubber and plastics
    - Sheet metal laminating
    - Soaps
    - Textiles
    - Varnish and resins manufacturers
    - And many more