Zetalube 220 Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil

ZL 220 is a high quality mineral oil based, anti-wear hydraulic oil packed with additives suitable for lubrication of nearly all factory equipment. Available in a range of viscosity grades, ZL 220 offers the maintenance professionals several oils for different operating conditions such as loads and temperatures.

Features and Benefits

  • Excellent anti-wear characteristic to prevent load-carrying surfaces from excessive wear.
  • Highly resistant to oxidation and corrosion, which extends service life of machinery and equipment.
  • Anti-emulsifier to protect parts / components from water contamination which is one of the main causes of corrosion and is detrimental to performance of machinery/equipment.
  • Proprietary additives to prevent foaming which is usually oxygen carrier under rigorous operating conditions 

Recommended Applications

  • Lubrication of machineries and equipment in nearly any factory for better protection against wear, longer equipment service life and lower maintenance costs.
  • For circulation systems composing of machineries/equipment and components such as pumps, electric motors, bearings and enclosed gears.
  • For hydraulic equipment requiring load carrying and bearing lubricants.