Omega 660 – Superior Thermal Stability Heat Transfer Oil

Omega 660 Superior Thermal Stability Heat Transfer Oil is the high-quality heat transfer lubricant designed to ensure increased operating efficiency.

  • Omega 660 significantly improves the heat transfer rate – cuts operating costs dramatically.
  • Omega 660 contains super dispersants that resist sludge build-up almost indefinitely.
  • Omega 660 provides lower viscosity property and excellent built-in stability to enable smaller and lower pump requirements.


Omega 660 is the superior thermal stability heat transfer oil that:

  • Is produced only from exceptionally fine, low viscosity base     oils to provide improved heat transfer properties and superior thermal stability.
  • Features a selected range of additives that withstand heat and heat fluctuations common to equipment start-up/shut-down phases.
  • Is also highly effective as a quenching oil.
  • Is completely safe under normal handling conditions and is entirely non-toxic.


Omega 660 is engineered for use in closed heat transfer systems equipped with expansion tanks and operating to 320°C.

Omega 660 is ideal as a heat transfer medium in processing industries such as plastics, waxes, resin, fiberboard, varnish, asphalt, grease, rubber, soap and pharmaceuticals manufacture.

Omega 660 enables extremely close process temperature control and reduces the risk of fire as no direct heat is exposed to flammable processing materials. The uniform transfer of heat provided by Omega 660 reduces the possibility of over heating.
Use Omega 660 for closed recirculating heat transfer systems.