Omega 647 – "Carbon-Free" Hi-Temp Chain Lubricant

Omega 647 “Carbon-Free” Hi-Temp Chain Lubricant is the superior formulation that keeps on working long after ordinary lubricants burn off to form abrasive coagulants that clog chain links.

  • Omega 647 features an advanced 100% synthetic formula that ensures unparalleled high-temperature performance.
  • Omega 647 produces positively no carbon formation – vaporizes at ultra high temperatures without leaving chain-damaging residue.
  • Omega 647 extends service intervals up to 10 times over ordinary lubricants – saves you time and money.

Omega 647 is the “carbon-free” high-temperature chain lubricant that:

  • Enables the operation of high-temperature equipment without irritating and nauseous smoking problem.
  • Virtually eliminates the labor-intensive task of manually cleaning off chain contaminants.
  • Adheres tenaciously to the pores of metal – resists migration and fling-off.
  • Has a built-in elasticity that lets it spread out along the chain and rollers without being squeezed or pressed out.

The all-synthetic make-up of Omega 647 enables this superior chain lubricant to withstand the toughest high-heat conditions. Omega 647, even when exposed to elevated temperatures over extended periods, absolutely will not form carbonaceous gum, varnish or coke.

Use Omega 647 for:

  • Foundries
  • Bakeries
  • Steel Mills
  • Brick Manufactories
  • Mining Establishments
  • Smelting Plants
  • Canning Factories
  • Breweries
  • And plants where high-temperature environments exist.