Corium Z91 "Supra-Ease" Stainless Steel Passivator

Corium Z91 "Surpra-Ease" Stainless Steel Passivator is the super easy brightening system that improves the corrosion resistance of stainless steel, yet requires no special equipment or training to apply.

  • Corium Z91 features "built-in wire-brushing" action for cleaning burned or discolored stainless steel fast and effectively.
  • Corium Z91 revitalizes corrosion resistance of all grades of stainless steel after welding or cutting.
  • Corium Z91 employs a superior formulation – works without time-consuming brushing, scouring or scrubbing.

Corium Z91 the super easy stainless steel passivator that :

  • Removes unsightly stains and discoloration and rejuvenates stainless steel in just minutes.
  • Is super concentrated – a small application goes a long way.
  • Requires no special equipment, no mixing of chemicals, no special tanks and no special knowledge of the system.
  • Is safe to use – it’s non-flammable and non-explosive.

Corium Z91 is excellent for the general-purpose cleaning of rusted and oxidized stainless steel. Use Corium Z91 for preparing stainless steel surfaces for brazing or soldering and for cleaning and revitalizing stainless steel after welding or cutting.

Corium Z91 can be applied easily by brushing or dripping. Simply wait until the surface dirt and oxides become loosened and then hose Corium Z91 off with water for absolutely brilliant results.