Corium Z80 - Advanced Boiler Treatment Compound

Corium Z80 Advanced Boiler Treatment Compound is the enhanced water treatment for boiler systems that efficiently and effectively controls the many problems associated with the operation of low- to medium-pressure boilers.

  • Corium Z80 provides super convenience – single-package treatment controls many boiler waterside problems.
  • Corium Z80 features a superior formulation – it effectively inhibits the formation of scale and sludge to reduce the need for boiler cleaning.
  • Corium Z80 gives outstanding economy – it significantly controls corrosion in boiler and lines to reduce maintenance and downtime while extending service life.

Corium Z80 is the advanced boiler treatment compound that :

  • Is formulated with a synthetic polymer dispersant that inhibits scale formation by distorting and dispersing insoluble precipitates that form in boiler water.
  • Contains an advanced sludge conditioner that helps keep boiler sludge fluid so that it can be purged out of the boiler and water lines through regular blow down.
  • Contains superior materials that reduce or inhibit corrosion and passivate water contact surfaces for on-going protection.
  • Contains sufficient oxygen-scavenging capacity to control preboiler corrosion.
  • Is based on a food-grade formulation approved by the USDA for use in food plants.

Use Corium Z80 confidently on all low- to medium-pressure waterfeed boiler systems.