Corium Z79 "Rust Guard" Metal Protector

Corium Z79 "Rust Guard" Metal Protector is a corrosion preventative aerosol that forms a golden brown transparent coating that effectively shuts out rust and all forms of corrosion on machined, smooth or rough metal surfaces.

  • Corium Z79 forms an enduring heavy waxy coating that guards against both physical and chemical damage.
  • Corium Z79 effectively seals out rust and corrosion on virtually all metal surfaces.
  • Corium Z79 is super economical – an extremely thin film is all that ’s required for long-lasting protection.

Corium Z79 is the advanced aerosol metal coating and protector that:

  • Tenaciously clings to metal surfaces by molecular attraction to provide outstanding protection for up to five years.
  • Positively will not flake or crack – easily removed when desired.
  • Super easy to apply – just spray on – dries to a clear hard film in minutes.
  • Can be applied over wet surfaces – yields maximum protection in areas of high humidity.

Corium Z79 provides physical protection through its highly corrosion-resistant chemical compounds that penetrate the applied area and repel existing moisture. Corium Z79’s golden brown protective coating then sets to provide a physical barrier to further moisture and rust penetration.

Corium Z79 also provides remarkable chemical protection through its polar active compounds. Corium Z79 is strongly attracted to metal surfaces to ensure an enduring seal.

Use Corium Z79 confidently on:

  • Tools
  • Dies
  • Taps
  • Bits
  • Machined Parts
  • All Metal
  • Surfaces in Storage or in Shipment
  • and more ...

* Available in bulk as Corium Z790