Corium Z76 Super Powdered Descaler

Corium Z76 Super Powdered Descaler is a scientifically effective blend of powdered concentrated acid, indicators and inhibitors that, when dissolved in water, replaces most other acids used in difficult descaling operations.

  • Corium Z76 is the super effective concentrated blend that removes scale deposits from boilers and water cooling systems.
  • Corium Z76 is super safe in dry form and replaces dangerous hydrochloric acid based descalers.
  • Corium Z76 is super economical – powdered solid form that saves you handling, storage and shipping costs.

Corium Z76 is the superior powdered descaler that :

  • Contains special metal inhibitors to retard acid attack on metal parts during the descaling process.
  • Contains special indicator for easy identification of descaling strength.
  • Is completely non-corrosive in its powdered solid form. Turns acidic only when dissolves in water.
  • Offers substantial improvements in safety and economy when compared with conventional hydrochloric acid based descalers.
  • Is easy to use – can be added to water systems directly from packaging.

Use Corium Z76 confidently on:

  • Boilers
  • Water Cooling Towers
  • Chillers
  • Steam Generators
  • Fire Main Systems
  • and more ...