Corium Z253 Spray-On Gear and Wire Lubricant

Corium Z253 Spray-On Gear & Wire Lubricant is a specially developed high-performance formulation that quickly penetrates the microscopic pores of treated metal surfaces to ensure unprecedented lubrication protection.

  • Corium Z253 effectively lubricates and protects open gears and wire ropes.
  • Corium Z253 resists high pressure, rain and weathering.
  • Corium Z253 is super easy to apply – it needs no pre-heating or special preparation.

Corium Z253 is the superior spray-on gear and wire lubricant that :

  • Protects treated surfaces from moisture, acids and alkalis while dissipating heat build-up.
  • Withstands extreme pressure – will not squeeze out or pound out.
  • Is immune to severe and continuous high temperature – will not wash off or weather off.

Corium Z253’s easy spray-on application makes is perfect for use for surface contact and hard-to-reach and awkward applications.
Use Corium Z253 on:

  • Chains and Cogs
  • Hinges and Locks
  • Tools and Machinery
  • Fans and Motors
  • Switches and Controls
  • Plumbing Hardware
  • Vehicle Moving Parts
  • Ball and Roller Bearings
  • Bushings and Railings
  • Drills and Lathes.